HG Bazaar Galata 2010, DAAD scholarship, shown at Ludlow 38 New York

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HG Bazaar Galata 2010, research project DAAD scholarship, variable dimensions, shown at Ludlow 38 New York / top: sociopolitical diagram Galata, mid: spatial ideogram – Maya generated renderings, bottom: atmospheric site context Galata


Howellʼs Grand Bazaar Galata is an ongoing urban research project by Lukas Hofer with yvsl. For several years yvsl has been investigating the area of Istanbul known as Galata, focusing on its Levantene heritage and its current urban conditions. The fabric of Galata is complex. It is formed by many unique layers of cultural identity, as well as by historic, architectural, sociopolitical and economic relations.

The bazar is a place that carries within qualities of an outdoor- as well as an indoor space. Incorporating these characteristics, Howells Grand Bazaar Galata interweaves itself into Galatas rich urban fabric as a contemporary public space which carries both the characteristics of a place and of a building It is a stage composed of multiple spaces whose characters and atmospheres, and their relations to each other, are inspired from the different cultures and their forms of representation which have been part of Galata since its levantene days. These public conditions have always been genuine to the character of Galata. By juxtapositioning ‚outdoorsʼ and ‚indoorsʼ in different gradients to each other a unique atmosphere of reciprocity is created. Howellʼs Grand Bazaar Galata is an entity between the priorities of the basar as a space of public life, the bustling commerce and trade as well as the spaces of private discretion, Together these create a playful greyscale between the public and private and between the different social conditions of the region. Questioning and rethinking the modes of consumption and its impact on the city as well as restructuring the urban surface in this specific site are main strategies of Howells Grand Bazaar Galata. Elements of different – sometimes even opposed – logics come together and form a functioning entity – a new complex urban condition. Working with the ambiguity of exclusivity versus publicly accessible space Howells Grand Bazaar Galata does not smooth out emerging conflicts but rather implements redundancies that enable spaces of negotiation.whites

 HG Bazaar Galata 2010, typological analysis ´white elephants´, shown at Ludlow 38 New York