Melonflesh Monument(Madrid Version) 2013 



Melonflesh Monument 1 (Madrid Version) 2013, process-site-specific installation, Matadero Madrid, mixed media (video, acrylics, uv- print, wood, graphite, led, neon, site-specific materials, scaffold), about 1400x 1200x 1000cm



Melonflesh Monument 2 (Bremen Version) 2014 

Melonflesh Monument 2 (Bremen Version) 2014, process-site-specific installation, Städtische Galerie Bremen, mixed media (acrylics, uv- print, wood, graphite, led, neon, mylar), about 800x 700x 400cm

Hofer’s combination of mass-produced pop cultural images and make shift architecture of tools and cheap materials is a dystopian vision grounded in realities of contemporary urban existence.  Sculpturally it is beautiful, and the tension he creates is compelling.  With his warped sense of proportion and construction Hofer has intentional destabilized his forms and their relations to each other, creating incongruities that confound ones sense of reason.