Boys in the Game 2014

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Boys in the Game 2014, inkjet print on technical nylon, variable dimensions and edition sizes


A man sets up the self-timer on his smartphone, lies on his stomach on the bed, his back facing the camera, and sticks his middle finger up his anus as the picture is taken. It takes multiple tries to get the perfect pic, which he eventually sends to other men on the gay hookup app Grindr. Images received while on Grindr serve as source material for the ongoing project “Boys in the Game”.  Lukas mined his experience with men he met on the app for his 2014 exhibition GRAND OPEN in Cheongju, Korea, while Artist in residence there. Photographs of still-lives including an artificial flower arrangement, popper bottles, and decorative vessels also figure into this series along side depictions of the idealized swollen muscular physique prevalent in the global gay culture.  Taking these pics he creates beautiful patterns, which were printed on technical nylon at a local fabricator in Korea. Intimate and explicit at the same time, this project is personal and context-specific—he met and hooked up with the men (all but one – the man in the suit) featured in “Boys in the Game” who gave permission to use the pictures.  These pics are part of a cycle of self-projection and image cultivation. “Boys in the Game” explores the public and private in the digital age, and the cross-cultural argot of the image in contemporary gay culture.


  • shown at GRAND OPEN CJ Art Studios South Korea
  • exclusive edition available at NEWD Art Show catalog